Groups are more about the relationship you have with the people you're with than the topic you're studying. We firmly believe that Scripture needs to be read, breathed, understood, and lived out in meaningful ways, and that God meets His people as they read the Bible. We also believe that the Bible, God's written word to us, points ultimately to Jesus, the living Word. Small groups are all about living with Jesus in connection with others so that we might be transformed to love God with all our hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves. As much as Sunday mornings are valuable, Christian community has the potential to happen best in small groups. Groups are not magical. Getting in a group doesn’t automatically mean spiritual growth. And yet, a small group is our best environment for God to do His work in us. 
Work like

  • deeper relationships with people in the church; 
  • moving from pride to humility; 
  • courage to live out our faith in our spheres of influence; 
  • accountability for putting the words of Scripture into practice; 
  • and above all, a shift from self-centeredness to God-and others-centeredness.


When do groups meet?
How do I get into a group?
What if I want to join a group in the middle of the year?
How do you do childcare?
What kind of time commitment is this?
What do groups do in the summer?
What if I just don't "fit" in the group?

Interested in getting in a small group?

Send us an email and Pastor Josh will get back with you to discuss what groups are open and how they might fit your schedule. Use the Subject "small group." 

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