Brenneman has a long history of sending people out in mission work. A vast majority of the people on this page called or still call Brenneman their church home. 


We partner with these mission partners both locally and around the world. For security purposes, some of our partners are not listed on this page. 

Jim and Dawn Anderson

Jim and Dawn Anderson served for 14 years in West Africa before coming to the States to focus on providing care for other missionaries. They are headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN and serve with Ripe For the Harvest. 


Connect with them via email @ jimanddawnanderson (at) gmail.com or in their Facebook group.

Casey and Lindsay Andis

Casey and Lindsay work with college students at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. They serve with Campus Outreach. They teach the gospel to non-christians and disciple believers into maturity in their faith. Many of the attendees are pursuing a degree in teaching or business, two fields that desperately need men and women of integrity. There are also many students from Detroit and Cleveland that they hope to reach so that they may return home with the gospel and change their communities.


Connect with them via their website, email at casey.andis (at) campusoutreach.org, or phone  at 812-798-1899. 

Dan and Rose Ellen Blosser

The Blossers serve with Trans World Radio (TWR). After serving 12 years in Cambodia, they live in Blythe, Georgia where Dan works with the TWR360, the online presence of TWR broadcasting Christian programming in 89 languages. Rose Ellen is involved in any particular project that TWR can use her, sometimes answering difficult questions that listeners ask TWR360 as well as a weekly prayer meeting with co-workers.

Connect with them via email at danblosser (at) twr.org and rblosser (at) twr.org. Or by phone at 574-238-3953 (Dan) and 574-238-4213 (Rose Ellen). 

Mark and Debbie Blosser

Mark and Debbie have served with Trans World Radio for 41 years, serving 33 of them overseas on Guam (12), Sri Lanka (8) and Eswatini, Africa (13). They now work from their home and travel to schools looking for people to serve with TWR. Debbie is the prayer letter coordinator for TWR. TWR is a worldwide media organization bringing the gospel to the far corners of the earth in over 275 languages by radio and internet. Find out more at www.twr.org and www.twr360.org


Connect with Mark and Debbie at markblosser (at) gmail.com or by phone at 574-216-1721. 

Tom and Ashley Carpenter

Tom and Ashley serve with the Navigators at Purdue University. They see the university campus as a strategic place to advance the gospel, both regionally and globally. They strive to help today's college students know Jesus through life-to-life, small group and large group experiences across campus; then turn around and do the same for someone else. Learn more at their support website

Connect with them via email at tom.carpenter (at) Navigators.org or phone at 317.385.7011.

Child Evangelism Ministries

Child Evangelism Ministries serves in local schools to provide after-school Happy Day Club events for kids. Several of us at Brenneman volunteer with them. You can learn more by going to their website

Matt and Dana Metzger

Matt and Dana serve with Back2Back in Mazatlan, Mexico. Back2Back is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. It exists to love and care for orphaned and vulnerable children by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.


Connect with them via email at mmetzger (at) back2back.org (Matt) and dmetzger (at) back2back.org (Dana). 

Ribbon of Hope

Ribbon of Hope's mission is to bring encouragement, comfort, and hope through Jesus Christ to those walking with cancer. With the primary focus of caring for spiritual and emotional needs, Ribbon of Hope offers a variety of practical services through the leadership of 3 paid staff and approximately 90 volunteers.  The heart of their service is personal interaction. 


Connect with Ribbon and learn about volunteer opportunities at their website, Facebook page, or by calling 574-389-7379. 

Unreached People in Africa

We are proud to support a group of African Christians who are living among unreached tribes. Their work is toward holistic development and discipleship. 

Matt Unrue

Matt serves with at Indiana University with InterVarsity, a college campus ministry dedicated to establishing and advancing witnessing communities of college students and faculty. 


Connect with him via email at matt.unrue (at) intervarsity.org. 

Stan Yoder

Stan serves with World Partners. He lives in Maquoketa, IA, and disciples men and women through the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course, training seminars on Islam, and personal mentoring. 


Connect with him via email at stanyoder (at) sbcglobal.net or by phone at 816-807-5251.