Church membership is for those who have entered into a saving relationship with Jesus and who have publicly expressed that in baptism. Members are eligible to vote in church elections and be nominated for positions of church leadership. The first step to becoming a member is to sign up for the next membership class. They are normally held on a Saturday morning. 

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In order to prepare for attending the membership class, please spend some time with the following things. It is good to write down any questions you may have after reading through them. 

Dennis Engbrecht's article about the history of The Missionary Church "Merging and Diverging Streams." 

A "My Story of Faith" worksheet that will prepare you to share your story during the membership class. 

The Articles of Faith of The Missionary Church, which is the doctrinal statement Brenneman affirms. 

The Articles of Practice of The Missionary Church, which are is the lifestyle covenant Brenneman affirms.