Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of people.

-Matthew 4:19

The life of faith involves taking steps either closer to Christ or further from Him. At Brenneman, we see these as the best next steps you can take as you are a disciple of Jesus. Ultimately, Jesus wants each person to take part in making disciples of others. These are the steps we have found to be most effective in the journey of faith. No matter how close you feel you are to Jesus, we invite you to take the next step. 

Exploring Christ

I believe in God but I am not sure about Christ.


The most important decision a person can make is deciding to follow Jesus. At Brenneman, we believe this decision is only the beginning and its goal is becoming like Christ. 


Starting Point is a next steps chat with Pastor Wesley designed for people who have just started attending Brenneman, no matter what your faith background. You'll get to know more about our church and what it looks like to belong. Starting Point takes place quarterly. Click below to sign up for the next one. 

Discovering Christ

I believe in Jesus and am working on getting to know Him.


Sunday School classes are focused on learning from the Bible what it means to follow Jesus. We believe they are most beneficial for people in the earlier stages of their spiritual growth. They are open to anyone.


Spiritual disciplines are habits that give room for God to work in our lives. Some that are most applicable early in your faith are reading the Bible, praying, and spending time in solitude and silence.

Growing in Christ

I am finding that my relationship with Christ is personal, but not private.


Small groups are made up of 8-14 people, normally meet in homes, and are the best next step for those who are growing in Christ. Groups eat, read and discuss the Bible, and pray together. In groups, relationships are a higher priority than content. 


Baptism is more than going public with your faith. It is a symbol of being united with Christ and His church. In baptism, we confess a dying to our sin and a desire to live the new life Christ gives us. Click below to learn more about baptism.


Membership in the Missionary Church gives the member voting rights and enables one to be nominated for service on various boards. Becoming a member is a way of saying, "This is my church and these are my people." At Brenneman, you do not have to be a member to serve. 

Close to Christ

I feel close to Christ and depend on Him for guidance.


When we serve, we imitate Jesus in His humility. We put others first. At Brenneman, we encourage you to serve in one area and sit with one group of people. Serving can vary from singing on the worship team to being a small group leader for teens to welcoming people at the door. 


Being on mission means living for Jesus right where you are. It means surprising your neighbors and friends with acts that lead to questions about your faith. 


My relationship with Jesus comes first. I am passing it on to someone else.


Disciple-making is the call Jesus makes to all of us. Making a disciple means intentionally, regularly meeting with another person for Bible reading, prayer and accountability as they take their next steps in following Jesus, with the goal of releasing them to make a disciple.